Backyard breeding has become an epidemic, posing a significant threat to shelter pet adoptions across the nation. Shelters are overwhelmed, and taxpayers are burdened with the costs of addressing the consequences of unchecked breeding. In response to this crisis, a new proposal called “” aims to disrupt the underground economy of backyard breeding and create a sustainable solution.

The Backyard Breeding Challenge

Backyard breeding, considered one of the least risky illegal ventures in the underground economy, is flourishing, making it challenging for well-intentioned laws to be enforced. The existing legal framework often falls short in curbing this problem, leading to an increase in the pet population and a strain on already crowded shelters.

The Solution

To address this issue head-on, proposes a statewide breeder registry. This registry would mandate breeders to obtain a proper sales tax number and matching identification, ensuring accountability and transparency in their operations.

Enforceability of the Proposal

What sets this proposed law apart is its enforceability. The primary penalties target the acceptance of advertisements from unregistered breeders. Popular online platforms such as Facebook and Craigslist would be restricted from working with breeders who fail to comply with the registration requirements. This proactive measure ensures that illegal breeders face consequences and are unable to reach potential buyers through mainstream advertising channels.

Predicted Non-Compliance and its Positive Impact

Given the notorious non-compliance of many backyard breeders, it is expected that only a few will adhere to the proposed regulations. Surprisingly, this non-compliance is viewed as a positive outcome. Without proper registration, breeders cannot place advertisements, leading to a halt in sales. Consequently, this disrupts the profit motive, a driving force behind backyard breeding.

The Desired Effect: Shelter Pet Adoption Increase

The intentional non-compliance becomes a tool for reducing or eliminating backyard breeders, subsequently leading to an increase in shelter pet adoptions. By cutting off the primary revenue stream for these breeders, aims to redirect potential pet owners towards adopting from shelters, thereby alleviating the strain on animal welfare organizations.


The proposal presents a practical and enforceable solution to the rampant issue of backyard breeding. By targeting the advertising channels of non-compliant breeders, this initiative disrupts their operations and redirects the focus towards promoting shelter pet adoption. To learn more about this groundbreaking proposal, visit TAXBREEDERS.COM and join the movement towards a more responsible and compassionate approach to pet ownership.

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